A Beautiful Day in the Gayborhood


Hosted by the Molly Pearson, Treasurer of the Sexuality and Gender Alliance, a Brown School student group

The founder of the St. Louis LGBT History Project, Steven Brawley, will lead the group on a walking tour through the Central West End. We will discuss historic spots of LGBTQ significance, including the first church in the City to openly accept LGBTQ community members, a trans-owned independent bookstore, and more. Of particular relevance to WUSTL is the original site where Masters and Johnson conducted their groundbreaking research on sexuality and sexual behaviors, pushing WUSTL to the forefront of sexuality studies. Over lunch, we will discuss current opportunities to get involved and volunteer with local LGBTQ organizations.  

This excursion will be available for up to 25 students.

Physical Requirements: Must be able to walk or use a wheelchair outside on city sidewalks for an hour and a half.  

Note: Students participating in this excursion are expected to bring a UPass since the group will take public transit to the excursion site. If this is an issue, please notify the Meet St. Louis Coordinator at MeetStLouis@wustl.edu, immediately.

Use the password, “engage” to access the sign up page.


Date: September 1, 10am - 1:30pm

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